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LACC To Invoke People To People Contact

When ever you hear about relationship among countries it is usually limited to the governments of the countries involved, but if a group of Liberians and Americans have their way, such relationship will go beyond the usual diplomatic circles into what could be a people to people connection. The people of Liberia and the people of America coming in direct contact with each other to promote friendship and use such friendship to inspire business opportunities in Liberia. These group of Liberians and Americans are coming together under the name Liberian-American Chamber of Commerce, or LACC,  a non-governmental, non-partisan, but a business oriented organization whose goals is to encourage both Americans and US-based Liberians to invest in business opportunities in Liberia.

LACC will consists of two important groups, Liberians who are knowledgeable about their native land, and Americans who will introduce successful American business ideas and work ethics that have propelled United States to become the greatest economic power the world has ever known. Liberians who are LACC members will work along with their American counterparts to help spread many of the great American business ideas across Liberia to inspire simultaneous economic development throughout the country. Liberia, a country emerging from the ravages of war is in the midst of a massive reconstruction process that includes the building and re-building of the country’s economic infrastructures and other institutions, most of them from scratch. The enormity of the Liberian reconstruction program is such that relying only on the government is not an option. In order to accelerate Liberia’s reconstruction process to meet and keep up with the growing demand of its population, every avenue must be explored.

LACC, when fully established will become one of those avenues or conduits through which actual economic development will be brought to the people of Liberia. Part of LACC’s business strategy will include a 15-county business development plan that will be aimed at establishing business development opportunities in Liberia’s 15-sub-political divisions. An integral part of this strategy will be to conduct extensive research of the natural resources and cash products of each county and showcase them to potential investors in the US by the way of workshops, seminars and business forums. Organizers of LACC are hinting that information gathering, packaging and distribution will be the main tools in the organization arsenal as it embark on its mission of inspiring and encouraging business opportunities in Liberia. Information gathered and packaged will be available for distribution only to LACC’s members and partners.

LACC’s members are aware of the many challenges, some in form of road blocks, that may tend to hamper or try to derail their good intentions. To face these challenges and road blocks head on, members intend to embed with the organization a strong advocacy element that will lobby the Liberian government to strengthen existing business oriented laws and advocate for the creation of more business friendly legislations. The advocacy component will also lobby the US government to encourage US investors to go to Liberia and to also encourage the Liberian government to create and maintain a climate conducive for business throughout the country.