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“As Liberia moves forward from the difficulties of the recent past into a phase of reconstruction and development, foreign direct investment (FDI) must play a role in helping the country rebuild in many different ways” Said Her Excellency Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

For Liberia to make such a desire a reality, many Liberians in collaboration with Americans, and other individuals we will have to double our efforts by initiating and supporting activities that will complement what the President and her government are doing. The President has focused on four major areas in her quest to reconstruct and redevelop Liberia:  (1) Debt Reduction, (2) improving the image of Liberia internationally, (3) capacity/sustainability building skilled manpower, and (4) revamped infrastructure interconnecting systems, train-the-trainer modules, and appropriate standards & regulations.  She has done significantly well in “debt reduction, and improving the image of Liberia internationally” but faces tremendous challenges in the area of capacity building.  It is against this background that we the organizers have decided to organize the Liberian America Chamber of Commerce (LACC).

Liberian America Chamber of Commerce (LACC) is a nonprofit, non-political, and bi-national membership organization that is dedicated to promoting increased United States-Liberia trade and investment activities.  This will be accomplished by helping American and Liberian businesses, professionals, and general public to better understand the business environment and cultural traditions relevant to successfully doing business in both countries.  

LACC shall aid both Liberian and American companies in locating business partners for trade and investment. Moreover, LACC shall facilitate important governmental, and business introductions, meetings, negotiations, and networking. LACC shall utilize a unique vetting process in collaboration with responsible government and partner institutions by which partnerships, and business ventures can be initiated.

The pre-requisite for successful cross border business arrangements is précised execution of thoroughly researched business ideas, contracts, and proposals facilitated by specialized business contact scheduling. This requires in-depth marketing, demographic, econometric data and knowledge of the commercial and regulatory requirements of each party.  Also required is knowledge of the environment involved, as well as solid interpersonal relationships, integrity, and commitment to work together.